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I produce electronic music under the pseudonyme Neoblut.

I try to give to my songs an ambient side while trying to vary genres and influences.

I also make my own music videos.

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I mainly use internet with website like: Open Classrooms or Wikipedia.

I opted for an acoustic approach to music because It simplifies many things. But I've also learned "classic" music theory because it's essential.

You will find lots of tutorial online about music theory (check out this website : musictheory.net ).

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I've firstly used Sony Vegas, then I took Adobe Premiere for the possibility to work with Adobe After Effect.

I've choosed Photoshop for editing pictures, and Illustrator for vector drawing.

Concerning my camera, I got a 600D from Canon.

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I'm using FL Studio.

Exept Fruity loop's VSTs, I use MASSIVE, ABSYNTH and FM8 for synthesis. For sampling I use Kontakt and Battery.

There is lot's of free VSTs and some of them are excellent quality (check this website : VST4Free).

Logo des Logiciels Traktor et Serato

I'm usind Traktor/Serato for live sets because of their flexibility. From classic turntablism to capturing loops and loading sounds.

I also use Ableton for electronic music. It allows a total control on what you're doing, but requires a long preparation.